Understanding Clinical Hypnotherapy

Understanding Clinical Hypnotherapy

Often, people enquire whether I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist or ‘the other kind’ by which I discover they mean a ‘stage hypnotist.’ The object of this brief article is to explain in simple terms what Clinical Hypnotherapy means. Having spent many years in supervision for Advanced level training and qualifications in both hypnotherapy and psychotherapy, I am probably equipped to explain. So here goes.

Clinical Hypnosis is a natural state of being, one most people experience naturally in their day-to-day lives – imagine the  day dream state, one where you are travelling as a passenger in the car or on a train, and you’re gazing out of the window -whilst still awake, but not mentally thinking any more.

About Clinical Hypnosis and Therapeutic Suggestion since many people are concerned they will lose control, let me explain that the object of clinical hypnotherapy is to use suggestion as a means to assist you, the client, towards your desired goal and beneficial outcome. The client doesn’t lose control and is not placed out of their comfort zone or into a state of deep sleep.  Suggestion, is often undertaken during the general course of conversation, when a person is fully conscious in discussion with their therapist, or suggestion may occur during a more relaxed state of trance, (like the day-dream state previously  discussed) when consciousness is resting at which point ‘suggestion’ can be made to our unconscious.

The Benefits of Clinical Hypnotherapy

Clinical Hypnotherapy has many advantages and when it is used with progressive relaxation techniques it is a powerful tool in reducing anxiety and stress.  Ancient cultures, particularly the Greeks, understood the importance of the balance of mind, body and spirit to our wellbeing.  Modern day thinking has returned to this understanding and to valuing the connection between our mental and physical health and how this both influences our attitudes and behaviours – and ultimately, how we feel when we interact with the people in our lives.

Your Contract for Clinical Hypnotherapy

We have discussed that the difference between Clinical Hypnotherapy and stage hypnosis is that the former has therapeutic goals and outcomes.  Indeed, the goals of Clinical Hypnosis are quite clearly defined for my clients by me through means of a brief contract at the commencement of therapy. My clients can therefore be assured of clarity, trust and confidentiality.

My Personal Demonstration of Trance – As a registered Senior Level Practitioner, Supervisor and Trainer, I always demonstrate the trance state and how to achieve this. I do this so that my clients may feel perfectly safe and comfortable and they can join in the process when they are ready. When my clients watch and see how easy trance actually is, and the calming benefits it produces they want this too!

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