About Skype Sessions for Hypnotherapy

About Skype Sessions for Hypnotherapy

During these changing times, many more people have become familiar with the different communication platforms available today, such as Skype, Zoom and WhatsApp on mobiles.

Online Sessions for Hypnotherapy

With high speed internet connections now being used by many people, Skype and Zoom on larger screens become closely similar to a face to face session. Once, frequent time lapses could occur with connections but these are rarer now and the internet is compatible not only with our lifestyle but also with government requests to,  ‘avoid groups, to stay alert and avoid unnecessary travel.’

Skype and Zoom Hypnotherapy Sessions

Connections such as Skype and Zoom can help may people who couldn’t otherwise see a therapist.  Perhaps you’re one of these people? Many of my busy clients have long confirmed that Skype allows them to have therapy and coaching in the comfortable surroundings of their choice.  It is important to have a quiet room and a place where you can feel safe, comfortable and not in fear of interruptions.  Of course, those who have young children at home need to plan more carefully, such as after bedtimes.

An Initial Free Consultation Session

An initial free consultation session of 20 minutes is offered by phone or Skype. The purpose of this free session is for you, the client, to be able to discuss your situation and to gain from me, the therapist, information about the process of hypnotherapy and coaching. You can then determine whether or not you think this is the right process for you and whether you want to work with me.  You are under no pressure whatsoever to continue and this free session allows the chance to reflect and to decide.

An Explanation of the Benefits of Hypnosis During a Free Skype Consultation

During a free Skype session, I am happy to discuss the relaxing state of progressive relaxation and how to enter into a trance state. As a registered Supervisor, Senior Practitioner and Professional Trainer, I do not expect my clients to learn hypnotherapy techniques until I have explained them in full, along with the knowledge that hypnosis is a safe procedure with many health benefits. (During actual  sessions with my clients I personally demonstrate techniques so that my clients may feel  confident in my personal ability).

Your Hypnotherapy Choice – Skype or Telephone

Whatever your goal, the object of hypnosis and therapy is to help you towards your desired beneficial change and Skype is a valuable option to consider.

Online Blogs – About the Hypnotherapy Process

Please take the time to view my various articles under Blogs on my website as you will find various descriptions including about preparing for your first hypnotherapy session.