Pregnancy & Work Transitions

Pregnancy & Work Transitions

The Pregnancy & Work Transitions Programme is about helping you through the transitions of conception, pregnancy and childbirth, along with the day to day life changes ahead – from time off with new baby at home, to the preparation for your return to work.

The Pregnancy & Work Transitions programme is 3-6 sessions – dependent upon personal requirements.

Brief course outline:

  • Preparing for changes with knowledge and the tools to cope well
  • Conception/Birthing: learning progressive relaxation techniques and positive visualization
  • Understand and acknowledge any anxieties and learn adaptive behaviour strategies
  • Maternity Leave – plan a new routine and daily rhythm with positive re-framing
  • Return to Work: planning your return to your previous job, or a new career change

Conception, Pregnancy and Birth – nowadays many women use hypnotherapy to ease conception anxiety and also to manage the birthing process and the pain.  This is with the use of taught techniques, including progressive relaxation and visualisation (with peaceful soothing images and sounds in your ‘safe place’). The aim is to help to reduce anxiety fears for an easier, calm transition for mother and baby.  Effective breathing and deep relaxation aids in the production of hormone Oxytocin, for effective and less painful contractions.

Enjoying Time off work with baby and preparing for your return – many women feel anxious about taking time out – whilst others really look forward to it.  Whatever your point of view, it is a time that is special for you and your baby. It is also a time that will allow you the space to review what you want to do with your life in the future. Some women extend their maternity leave, others choose to learn new skills and make a structured career transition. Whatever you choose, this is a positive and highly enriching time in your life and I will be delighted to help you on this journey!

Pregnancy & Work Transitions – Sara Howard is a highly experienced advanced Hypno-psychotherapist, Trainer and fully registered Executive Coach with the Association for Coaching. She is also a Consultant with the International Stress Management Association. As an experienced mother, Sara understands the worries and life changes that mothers experience, and as an Executive Coach, she found many businesswomen asking her for this type of transitional help. She now shares her wealth of knowledge with private individuals for 1-1 sessions.

Contact Sara for further information or a for a free phone consultation to discuss your requirements.

Telephone 07827 505389

Clinical Supervision for Therapists

Clinical Supervision for Therapists

Clinical Supervision with Sara Howard, LLB(Hons), AdvDip THP, PNLP, GHR SQHP, MISMA, MAC. Registered Supervisor and Professional Trainer.

About Clinical Supervision for Therapists 

Supervision is the confidential relationship between Supervisor and Supervisee. The object of this relationship is to provide the space in which to enable the Supervisee to discuss, in confidence, issues related to ongoing cases and to work through any personal matters that might affect their own position or ability as practicing therapists.

As a newly qualified hypnotherapist, you will be seeking to comply with the rules of your governing body. Regarding supervision, the GHR states that newly qualified Registrants are expected to engage in this process for a minimum of 2 hours in any 3 month period during their first 2 years of practice. GHR registrants are advised to maintain a personal log of such activity as they may be asked to provide suitable evidence of the previous 12 month’s participation at the time of their annual re-registration.

Supervisors provide guidance and help to identify any further training that will benefit the Supervisee towards developing confidence, knowledge and ability. Supervision can also include relevant business and ethical issues.

Clinical Supervision – During this developmental stage in your early career, the support of your Supervisor helps you to provide the best outcome for your clients through adopting best practice.  

Sara is a Senior level practitioner and a registered Supervisor and trainer. She has an Advanced Diploma in Hypnosis and Psychotherapy from a UKCP accredited school and is a registered Executive Coach (Association for Coaching) and a registered Professional level Stress Management Consultant (International Stress Management Association). As well as being a practitioner, Sara has a post graduate university background in psychoanalytic psychology; has undertaken many years of monthly,  1-1 supervision at the highest level, and has over 20 years experience in training.

Sara offers face to face and telephone Supervision.

Please note, Sara is a GHR Supervisor and therefore if you are not a member of the GHR, you will need to  check your own institution’s Supervision requirements.

Clinical Supervision for Therapists  – Tel Sara on 07827 505389