1-1 Online Hypnosis Sessions

1-1 Online Hypnosis Sessions

Why should you consider Online Hypnosis Sessions? My specialism is relieving anxiety and stress related conditions. In these difficult and unpredictable times, it is good to know that you can get the help you need from the safety of your own home.

Special low cost sessions available online at an affordable price.

Online Hypnosis Sessions – Private 1-1 sessions can be experienced live through a platform such as Zoom or WhatsApp and this means that apart from making a large cost saving, you can receive all the benefits without the stress in having to worry about travelling.

About Private and Group Online Session  

In private sessions, you will receive the same service, personalized to your needs. With group sessions, you will be guided towards proven techniques and practical help, however, personal issues are not discussed in a group as this would breach your confidentiality.

There is no difference in an online hypnosis session to a face-to-face session, other than that you will be communicating with me through a computer screen or other chosen device.

However, please note that it is important to have a reliable internet connection. I live in a village and am very pleased that guaranteed faster fibre has now become available and needless to say, I signed up fast!

I am an Experienced Presenter and Trainer

Hypnosis Programs available are from my Healthy Lifestyle Management series, as developed for major companies. So please contact me if you are interested. Group sessions are low cost compared to individual.

My Courses in Healthy Lifestyle Management Include: –

  • Manage Weight and Enjoy Your Relationship with Food
  • Stop Anxiety and Manage Stress Effectively
  • Build Confidence and Achieve Better Presentation Skills
  • Build Confidence and Increase Sports Performance
  • Better Sleep Management


Ericksonian Advanced Hypno-Psychotherapist
Senior Practitioner GHR, SQHP, GHSC, Registered Supervisor
Professional member of the International Stress Management Association  Full  member of the Association for Coaching

I have been extensively referenced and have designed and delivered large scale training to multi-national companies.

Sports Performance – I am a qualified rider, instructor, coach (British Horse Society).

Video Hypnosis Sessions – please contact me on 07827 505389

Preparing for your first hypnotherapy session

Preparing for your first hypnotherapy session

Preparing for your first hypnotherapy session is an exciting opportunity towards beneficial change.   For many people, their presenting symptoms may have been long term and sometimes a new event has served as the catalyst for change (for example, new career, partner, marriage).  It is your own motivation and desire that plays an important part in enabling the success of the hypnotherapeutic suggestion process.

Most practitioners offer prospective clients a free consultation session to determine suitability for hypnotherapy and also to help to prepare a new client with an understanding of what they can expect from the process.  In preparing for their first hypnotherapy session, I offer my prospective clients 20 minutes in which they can discuss their symptoms and related history and importantly, the desired beneficial outcome.   The practitioner may then indicate to the client a procedural plan which will become more defined after the initial session.  For example, two sessions of suggestion therapy will often be sufficient for habit cessation, however, where a habit is linked to other issues or past traumatic events, hypnotherapy may take longer.

The object is for the client to gain the most from the first hypnotherapy session and subsequent appointments. During my many years in practice I have been asked a variety of questions and here are a few brief points to consider further of which are often contained in a pre-consultation letter.

Preparing for Your First Hypnotherapy Session –

  1. Make brief details about your symptoms and any related events.
  2. Bring any GP or Consultant’s letter of referral containing clinical details.
  3. Full disclosure will be necessary for certain clinical conditions – ask your hypnotherapist.
  4. Eat something suitable prior to your session to prevent being distracted by hunger pangs.
  5. Avoid caffeine during the hours prior to your session to avoid hyperactivity.
  6. Location – allow time to familiarise yourself with the clinic’s location you are travelling to.
  7. Parking – unless parking is offered on-site, request details of local parking space.
  8. Payment facilities – ask the therapist before your appointment. Most offer paypal facility online or the use of electronic banking transfer.
  9. Cancellation policy – be aware of the therapist’s cancellation policy agreement so that goodwill is maintained. Many therapists make no charges for illness or unforeseen events.
  10. Your participation – the importance that you fully participate in the therapeutic process.
  11. Choose a time for your appointment that suits your body clock and allows you to relax.

When you arrive for hypnotherapy with me,  a simple contract letter will be undertaken. This contains your details, the therapist’s details, any medical disclosure notes/current medication, past therapy undertaken, and importantly what you are attending for (ie. smoking cessation, weight management, stress management)  and what you hope to achieve.  This protects both you and the therapist.

Enjoy your hypnotherapy.  Remember – The object is your desired beneficial change.

Preparing for your first Hypnotherapy Session – Contact Sara, Tel 07827 505389

Zoom Sessions for Hypnotherapy

Zoom Sessions for Hypnotherapy

Online Zoom sessions for Hypnotherapy have become popular. During these changing times, many more people have become familiar with the different communication platforms available today, such as Skype, Zoom and WhatsApp on mobiles.

Online Skype Sessions for Hypnotherapy

With high speed internet connections now being used by many people, Skype and Zoom on larger screens become closely similar to a face to face session. Once, frequent time lapses could occur with connections but these are rarer now and the internet is compatible not only with our lifestyle but also with government requests to,  ‘avoid groups, to stay alert and avoid unnecessary travel.’

Skype and Zoom Hypnotherapy Sessions

Connections such as Skype and Zoom can help may people who couldn’t otherwise see a therapist.  Perhaps you’re one of these people? Many of my busy clients have long confirmed that Skype allows them to have therapy and coaching in the comfortable surroundings of their choice.  It is important to have a quiet room and a place where you can feel safe, comfortable and not in fear of interruptions.  Of course, those who have young children at home need to plan more carefully, such as after bedtimes.

Skype Sessions for Hypnotherapy – An Initial Free Consultation Session

An initial free consultation session of 20 minutes is offered by phone or Skype. The purpose of this free session is for you, the client, to be able to discuss your situation and to gain from me, the therapist, information about the process of hypnotherapy and coaching. You can then determine whether or not you think this is the right process for you and whether you want to work with me.  You are under no pressure whatsoever to continue and this free session allows the chance to reflect and to decide.

An Explanation of the Benefits of Hypnosis During a Free Skype Consultation

During a free Skype session, I am happy to discuss the relaxing state of progressive relaxation and how to enter into a trance state. As a registered Supervisor, Senior Practitioner and Professional Trainer, I do not expect my clients to learn hypnotherapy techniques until I have explained them in full, along with the knowledge that hypnosis is a safe procedure with many health benefits. (During actual  sessions with my clients I personally demonstrate techniques so that my clients may feel  confident in my personal ability).

Your Hypnotherapy Choice – Skype or Telephone

Whatever your goal, the object of hypnosis and therapy is to help you towards your desired beneficial change and Skype is a valuable option to consider.

Online Blogs – About the Hypnotherapy Process

Please take the time to view my various articles under Blogs on my website as you will find various descriptions including about preparing for your first hypnotherapy session.

Skype Sessions for Hypnotherapy – contact Sara Howard. Tel -07827 505389

My Advanced Qualifications and Full Membership Registrations
With my vast experience and training I can work towards the best results for my clients using an integrative skill set and a solution focused approach. I also draw upon my other training and popular therapies such as RECBT (rational emotive Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), perspectives from positive psychology and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) of which I am a registered practitioner.

It is important for clients to feel confident in their choice of therapist or coach. I have the highest level qualifications gained over several years training.

AdvDip THP – Advanced Diploma in Therapeutic Hypnosis and Psychotherapy
GHR SQHP Senior Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practice
GHR GHSC Registered and Acknowledged 1-1 Supervisor Status
ISMA – International Stress Management Association Registered Consultant
MAC – Association for Coaching, Registered Executive Coach
CRSST – Central Register of Stop Smoking Therapists – Registered Consultant
INLPTA – Registered Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Academic postgraduate in Law and Psychology