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“I visited Sara recently for two Hypnotherapy sessions. In the first instance, during a fifteen minute phone interview, I found her to be very patient and helpful focusing on how she could best help me. During the sessions again she was very patient and understanding and demonstrated a wealth of experience. The meditations I undertook with her were powerful and have helped me immensely. I certainly would recommend her.”

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“Strongly recommend. I had been suffering serious morning anxiety and sickness for years and had tried everything but still couldn’t manage. I was sceptical at first as hypnotherapy sounds mythical to me but I can honestly say after my very first session with Sara I noticed a large improvement and my sickness was gone. Now that my 3 sessions are completed I have a new plan in place and my anxiety and sickness hasn’t been present since. A seriously life changing experience and I will be visiting Sara again to help overcome my fears of flying and presentations in the future! Seems a lot of money at first but it’s sooo worth it in the end! ”

Review Destination Source – Kings Langley Clinic, Herts


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“With Sara’s help, i have managed to overcome many demons, she is a great hypnotherapist!
Not only did she help me over come social anxiety in public speaking and performing but I also used to be addicted to chocolate and all things sweet and although she was only hypnotising me to eat it in moderation, it worked so well and I left feeling so empowered that I have not eaten anything sweet (chocolate, ice cream, desserts, biscuits, cake, etc) at all in almost 4 years! Wow! ”

Google destination source – Aston Clinton Clinic


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“Sara is so professional and so calm, she is very welcoming and warm.
I found the treatment to be manageable and she was encouraging at all times.
Once my course had finished I felt as though I was walking on air and just blissfully happy. Not only has Sara treated my anxiety of spiders, she has also helped to calm me down in every day life.
She has given me the tools I need and I continue to work on these. ”

Review destination source – Aston Clinton Clinic