Important Information

HYPNOSIS is recognised by leading institutions including the British Medical Association (BMA) and the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) as a proven safe method that can alleviate a range of different problems. ​Please note complementary therapies such as psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and NLP can work with conventional medical treatments, however, they are not a substitute for medical treatment and therefore if you currently have any medical concerns you should consult your doctor.

DISCLAIMER – Please note that Testimonials are provided for you to view results from hypnotherapy NLP and coaching, however, any claims on this website are peoples own personal experiences. Since results may vary from person to person Sara is unable to offer guarantees of success. If you are interested in hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, NLP or coaching, Sara offers a free telephone consultation of up to 20 minutes to help you to determine for yourself whether therapy or coaching may be beneficial for you.

PRIVACY – This website contains information voluntarily provided by visitors. You do not have to submit personal details and information to use the website. Information is collected through the Contact Us Form. This information may include such details as name, email address, telephone numbers. Sensitive information is not requested. The information you volunteer is never shared with any other organisation or persons. Full details of Privacy Policy can be found under Consultations.