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Lose Weight Hypnosis and Weight Management Hypnosis

Do you want to take control of overeating or unwanted comfort eating? Has it all just become a habit?

You could enjoy an individually designed Weight  Management Programme for beneficial change.

I see a variety of clients for issues relating to weight control. Some have just developed an unhealthy habit of excess eating, however, a major emotional issue for many is comfort eating and this can cause distress at any age due to the impact on a person’s confidence of the generally unwanted extra kilos. Excess weight can spoil a person’s enjoyment and participation in certain sporting activities, restricting their ability to be healthy and fit.

Unfortunately, comfort eating can make a person feel very good for a short time, and often takes on an emotion. Many people report that certain events occurred in their past – events which haven’t been dealt with. So it becomes ‘comforting’ for them to reach for a slice of cake or bar of chocolate. Other people report how the stresses of daily life can make it very easy to eat certain foods that we’re all inclined to believe make us feel better (the sugar rush). However, the problem sets in when it becomes a daily habit and we don’t even consciously think before we reach for an extra portion, or favourite pudding. We feel bad afterwards but then the cycle continues into a pattern of overeating.

Comfort eating is actually tied to a range of different emotions and it may be that certain foods give people a sense of security or an emotion that replaces what is missing in their life. Therefore, on a deeper level, my treatment would involve guiding you towards acknowledging the old belief driving why you comfort eat.

Reasons for comfort eating also include issues such as boredom, stress and anxiety, insecurity, wanting a reward, feeling loneliness and possibly feeling or getting over a rejection. Often, there is something missing in life! And therefore if such a situation has continued for a long period in your life, it is important in the treatment that we motivate your life with suitable positive alternatives too.

You can start to regain control of your life

Therefore, as well as giving interventions for weight control, part of the successful therapy plan I use, involves finding out what may be missing in life and finding something positive to help replace this with. For example, one 30 something client told me she had always wanted to be able to go to the gym and the swimming pool and feel happy to wear her swimsuit, and having lost weight, she now has the confidence to do this. A male client told me he’d always wanted to go mountain walking at weekends, and now he can get fit enough to do this and be able to keep up with his friends.

What beneficial change would weight control bring to your life?

For weight control, my model involves advanced hypnotic and NLP techniques within a coaching model combined to suit your personal situation and to develop a feeling of confidence and control, whilst still allowing you to have a healthy and enjoyable relationship with food. Please ask Sara for further details.

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Free consultation before session.
This is an important free telephone screening consultation session to assess your level of motivation to manage your weight. I will not waste your time and money or recommend you to proceed unless we are both convinced that you have the desire to satisfactorily work with the therapeutic interventions to enable you to take control of your weight.

Please Note – Testimonials are provided for you to view results from hypnotherapy NLP and coaching and any claims on the website are people’s personal experiences. Since results may vary from person to person Sara is unable to offer guarantees of success. If you are interested in hypnotherapy NLP or coaching, Sara offers a free telephone consultation of up to 20 minutes to help you to determine whether therapy or coaching may be beneficial for you.

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