Confidence Coaching Programmes

Are you worried about low confidence and self esteem?  A personalised Programme Confidence Coaching can help.

Confidence can mean different things to different people, depending upon the  related issue. However,  most people report a desire to feel less anxiety and stress about things. Are you worried that events going on in your life are outside of your control? Did you know that excessive anxiety and stress can have a negative effect on your personal wellbeing and impact on your confidence.

Many people report that the most stressful events are the ones where they feel personally out of control – out of their comfort zone. Does this seem familiar? For some, this may be a fear of public speaking in the workplace (or even at a wedding) For others, it can be the fear associated to redundancy, job change and relocation or low self esteem experienced after acrimonious divorce.

Sometimes, the anxiety symptoms can be physically disabling and some people report an experience of physical panic at the thought of certain situations.

When we have confidence, we feel positive that we can go out and engage in life, enjoying things. When we are confident we can start to develop stress resilience and in basic terms this means we have an inner strength and deeper levels of knowledge in our ability to cope with what comes our way.

Confidence Coaching Programmes include:  Advanced Hypnotherapy, NLP and Coaching techniques to help rebuild confidence.

Many clients have presented with low confidence and self esteem. Advanced hypnotherapy, NLP and Coaching can help as it focuses our self belief, through the process of ego strengthening, in our abilities to cope. Self belief influences our emotions and our motivation to engage with ‘our’ world.

If you are suffering from low confidence or simply want to improve you skills, please call Sara to discuss your situation and gain more information.

Confidence Coaching Programmes – Free Phone Consultation Tel 07827 505389.

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