Hypnosis for Social Anxiety

Have you considered trying Hypnosis for Social Anxiety?
Stress and Social Anxiety can leave a person feeling alone and unable to relax with their friends.

Many people suffer at some time in their lives from stress or anxiety related issues. For some, this can spoil their ability to integrate fully in their working life and social life

When Hypnotherapy is combined with NLP it becomes a highly effective treatment for anxiety related issues and this includes panic attacks.

The method I use is very thorough and I tailor it to each individual’s personal situation. The diagnosis includes assessing your current lifestyle, and also your past history and anything that may still be impacting on your life. Treatment looks at want to achieve and how you are actually visualising your future life. For example, at your belief structure, the expectations you place upon yourself and your current reflexes and behaviour to specific situations.

Hypnosis for Social Anxiety – The treatment methodology  takes into account the best relaxation and therapeutic techniques to suit you and through integrating gradual levels of hypnosis and NLP, you will learn to respond to positive conditioning and new impulses, as we dissolve old disabling patterns of thinking. For example, we often unconsciously respond to negative triggers or engage in distorted patterns of thought, both of which influence our behaviour and general mood. Therefore, I will work with you to enable you to become more aware of triggers or unconscious negative responses and where appropriate, to help you to acknowledge and replace them with realistic, and more enabling beliefs.

The aim is to go forward with confidence and through the sessions, a positive change is established, as we build upon your own inner resources and belief structure. This enables you to move towards your goal, whereby you will remain more calm in challenging situations. The aim is that you develop what is called ego strengthening and you’ll start to notice the difference after the first treatment.

Sara has successfully helped clients with different levels of social anxiety and phobias. She also designs training courses in stress management and related issues for large corporations and firms.

Hypnosis for Social Anxiety – Tel 07827 505389

DISCLAIMER – Testimonials are provided for you to view results from hypnotherapy NLP and coaching and any claims on the website are client’s personal experiences. Since results may vary from person to person Sara is unable to offer guarantees of success. If you are interested in hypnotherapy NLP or coaching, Sara offers a free telephone consultation of up to 20 minutes to help you to determine whether therapy or coaching may be beneficial for you.

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