Easing the Menopause Transition

Let’s Ease the Menopause Transition!

For many women, the menopause marks that time in our lives when we can positively reflect on what we want for ourselves and make small changes to ease and to optimise that transition. Many women find themselves becoming empty nesters with time to make suitable changes in career or lifestyle.  Menopause brings the space to reflect towards new possibilities. This can be an inspiring thing!

About Menopause Transition

When I’m training groups or engaged in 1-1 private sessions, I always begin by explaining the natural chemical changes that occur from the start of the perimenopausal stage and therefore the natural feelings that will accompany these changes. Perimenopause can bring hormonal changes that happen several years before the start of menopause, that can have an effect on the routine and rhythm of our daily lives particularly due to the changes in our oestrogen levels.

Even after the actual menopause, the symptom of hot flashes can continue for several years, along with the anxiety. Many women report to me that they worry about work presentations and meetings with important clients; others worry about not letting friends down socially.  Women also worry about feeling, ‘why am I so tired?’  Much is written about adrenal fatigue and this is where anxiety and stress come in, bringing worry, feeling overwhelmed, and as some of my clients describe it, ‘washed out.’

I have successfully steered my own course through the menopause without the need of any HRT and therefore will happily share my secrets of success with you – along with my in depth training.

Menopause Transition coaching and wellbeing programme includes :

  • An understanding of the natural chemical changes that are occurring
  • Making lifestyle changes to assist your transition (diet, exercise, positive thinking)
  • Positive anxiety and stress management – visualisation, meditations, self-hypnosis
  • Evaluating any emotional changes and unresolved issues to reduce stress
  • Deciding future goals and plans, e.g. career changes, lifestyle changes

It is so important to give space to our ‘inner voice’ to acknowledge the often varied and changing emotions that arise during this time of change. In doing so, we can address any unresolved issues and plan a path that will facilitate changes – and even new goals of what we want to achieve.

Sara Howard, registered Advanced Hypno-psychotherapist (Senior status GHR), Stress Management Consultant (ISMA), Executive Coach (Association for Coaching) and Trainer. Over 20 years experience working with private individuals and companies. Post-grad psychology education; special interest in anxiety/stress related conditions. Registered Clinical Supervisor (GHSC).

Menopause Transition Programme – contact Sara on 07827 505389

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