Hypnotherapy for Beneficial Change

Hypnotherapy for beneficial change has helped many people.  You may be considering whether to try hypnotherapy to help improve an aspect such as confidence and public speaking or maybe you want to gain control of unwanted stress or old habits like smoking or comfort eating. Are you wondering what to expect from the hypnotherapy experience?  Sometimes people have preconceived ideas such as, “will I fall asleep …will I remember anything … will I lose control”. Let’s demystify the process a little. The object here is both to discuss and to clarify a few points.

With Hypnotherapy for Beneficial  Change, the object of hypnotherapy is to use suggestion as a means to assist the client towards their desired goal and to a beneficial outcome.  The client doesn’t lose control and is not placed out of their comfort zone or into a state of sleep.  Suggestion is often undertaken during the general course of conversation when a person is fully conscious, or during a more relaxed state of trance when our consciousness is resting and suggestion can be made to our unconscious.

In turning to why people seek hypnotherapy, it is fair to say that when people are presenting with pain or severe levels of anxiety and stress, they are actually more focused towards accepting suggestion; their desire is to reduce unwanted symptoms to enable them to enjoy freedom and gain control over their daily life. Many of my clients present with anxiety symptoms sometimes related to an unwanted habit like smoking or comfort eating. These clients will also learn stress management techniques such as progressive relaxation and mindfulness; such techniques enable them to experience a peaceful relaxed state in the knowledge that they can replicate this daily for themselves. Therefore, the hypnotherapy and coaching process is an enabling one.

Hypnotherapy for Beneficial Change. Most people enjoy this pleasant natural state of trance relaxation. I find the best way to enable someone is to allow them to watch the process for themselves. I will always demonstrate the techniques – allowing my clients to watch and to feel personally enabled and in a position of choice and control.

Therefore, to recap now, hypnotherapy can be directed from therapist to client during general conversation – through forms of language pattern during an open dialogue exchange. It can also be effective through trance which we’ve just discussed, (facilitated through progressive relaxation and induction). From this calm and peaceful state of being, certain key words may be used like triggers to deepen the relaxation process;  I often use language patterns within a form of pleasant imagery (rather like a walk in a beautiful park or by the sea) with sights, sounds and feel along your journey. During this journey there are various integrated approaches which may be used to benefit the therapeutic process – all of which just seem to the client as part of one enjoyable calm and peaceful journey towards their goal of desired and beneficial change.

I hope you have found this information helpful and if you would like any further information about Hypnotherapy for Beneficial Change, please contact me at www.inspiredforchange.co.uk.  If you would like to engage in hypnotherapy I can offer a free telephone consultation of up to 20 minutes.

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