About NLP

What Change would your like to make?
I can benefit my clients through offering NLP (where appropriate) in conjunction with Hypnotherapy. The two work very well together and strengthen the process of beneficial new change. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) was developed by studying and modelling the strategies of successful people, including Milton Erickson, a doctor who understood how language influences mental states. NLP creates states that are useful in situations where motivation and goals are sought, such as in personal development, in business related issues or sports performance. NLP is also highly successful in curing fears and phobias, which can limit a person’s potential and lower confidence.

What you will gain from Hypnosis and NLP 
Your session will include instruction in how to achieve self-hypnosis which will let you have the control to strengthen and to set up states to achieve positive outcomes in specific situations. You will feel more enabled, at peace with yourself and more creative. Self-hypnosis can be used for power-napping states and business people or parents with hectic schedules find this a useful tool as it enables them to feel refreshed for their coming meetings or to calm down and avoid stress during the rush of the day. For example, sports competitors or those preparing for exams, find self-hypnosis useful in maintaining calm states of being before the event.

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